About US

Minnesota Chinese IT Association is the recognized association for Information Technology (IT) professionals with Chinese background in Minnesota. It’s a non-profit organization registered at the State of Minnesota.

The members work in all areas of business and industry, government and academia, and are qualified and experienced IT professionals committed to the Association’s Missions.

Mission Statement

MN-CITA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of and collaboration among the Chinese-American IT professionals in the state of Minnesota.

MN-CITA is an inclusive organization committed to provide a forum to share information and resources and open to anyone sharing with our common mission, which is to strengthen networking among IT professionals, foster the entrepreneurship among ethnic Chinese, and promote the exchange in the global information technologies area.

MN-CITA’s philosophy is – Learning, Exchanging, Networking, and Strengthening (LENS). Through the LENS philosophy, MN-CITA hopes to build a community of Chinese IT professionals that continuously promote learning though participation, exchange of information and resources to enable entrepreneurship or career enhancements, provide a bridge or networking platform to promote Sino-US exchanges of IT educational and business programs and thereby strengthening the advancement and collaboration of the IT professionals in the state of Minnesota. We also strive to promote the information technology within Minnesota businesses to succeed by providing networking, advocacy, resources and leadership that create, deploy or utilize information technology as a core part of their business.